Basic rules for donations

  1. We kindly ask you to submit applications through our web form
  2. Applications must be submitted before November 1st
  3. Grants received in the past do not guarantee a grant in the future
  4. We do not support ‘friends of’ foundations
  5. We only accept applications submitted in English or Dutch
  6. We prefer websites that are available English or Dutch
  7. We prefer projects aimed at children, youngsters and young adults
  8. We prefer projects with a Jewish signature
  9. We request an annual financial statement of our applicants and we need an understanding of the total project costs
  10. We usually donate anonymously
  11. We do not donate to individual causes
  12. We do not participate in operating costs
  13. We appreciate photo’s after the project is completed

We do not actively raise funds. However, any donation to Fables is very welcome